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Visco-Tip (20pcs/pack, Bendable)

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This minimal waste tip, featuring Material Saving Technology (MST), is ideal for costly materials.

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In Stock
20 pcs
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Vista Apex
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Conventional application tips trap a significant amount of material inside, sometimes causing more material to be wasted in the tip than is used clinically.


Vista Apex developed this patent technology for minimal waste of your costly materials. The unique design minimizes the internal volume of the tip, greatly reducing waste, up to 87%! This means that materials go further, and you can use more of what you paid for!


Tips featuring MST are the ideal solution to get the best value from costly materials. Because this technology allows amazing savings while expanding material life, you could save thousands of dollars annually.


MST Visco-Tip is a bendable, flexible 25ga tip that can be used as an endo sealer or delivery tip for other materials, and improves the flow and placement of viscous materials such as Bioceramic sealers and Calcium Hydroxide.


Key features:

  • Bendable, 25ga delivery tip
  • Reduces waste of expensive materials
  • Improves flow for easy, predictable delivery
  • Easily trimmable to shorter lenghts
  • Rotatable and bendable shoulder for optimum positioning
  • Non-clogging design
  • Great for use with Vista-Cal