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MANFLOSS Seriously Good Floss Dispenser (2 x 50m Black Tape Rolls)

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MANFLOSS - Designed To Make You Smile, for Optimum Oral Hygiene!

Made Black - To show white plaque being removed.

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In Stock
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MANFLOSS has been designed to improve your oral hygiene by explaining it simply, in a fun way. Developed by a dental health professional who listened (for 20 years) to the everyday persons’ frustrations with flossing, and decided to do something about it.


Finally, there is a luxurious wafer thin but also soft and wide tapes designed to stop you cursing and get you smiling! For the first time ever, precise instructions are enclosed to dispense the frustrations about flossing…learn how length is everything….


Key Features:

  • Seriously Good Value - Inside the dispenser is 2 x 50 metre rolls of tape! With refills at less than half price!
  • Superwide - Our super wide design makes it seriously effective.
  • Wafer Thin - Wafer thin to slip between the teeth despite the width
  • Minty & Delicate on Gums - Soft to land gently on your gums with a freshmint aftertaste.
  • Uniquely Refillable - Refillable to go easy on your pocket and the environment
  • Sticky & Absorbent - Sticky for grip and to absorb what’s been dislodged
  • Tough Tape - Floss that is shred resistant….and by golly we’ve tried…
  • As Recommended - Recommended by dental health professionals