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Edelweiss CAD/CAM blocks

S$230.00 to S$380.00
State of the art CAD/CAM blocks for modern and minimally invasive esthetic dentistry manufactured through a patented process of control led laser sintering technology fusing the glass crystals.
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The edelweiss CAD/CAM BLOCKs are state of the art for modern and minimally invasive esthetic dentistry. Its homogenous base material of glass (silica) is manufactured through a patented process of control led laser sintering technology fusing the glass crystals. The f inished product is characterized by a single glass phase embedded in a hybrid matrix. The proper ties of both particle reinforced and predominately glass ceramics are featured in a single hybrid glass block, having the strength of reinforced ceramics, the optical properties of predominantly glass ceramics and the f lexibility of dentin. Its versatile application together with its time and cost saving procedure makes the edelweiss CAD/CAM BLOCKs a sound investment in the future with the best interest of the patient in mind. T-BLOCK (Translucent enamel): These are highly translucent blocks that mimic the natural enamel in optical properties while the underlying dentin shade can then be duplicated through the use of various resin composite/cement shades. C-BLOCK (Chroma): These are highly chromatic blocks that correspond to shades A0, A1, A2 and A3. i-BLOCK Implant (Translucent enamel & Chroma): These are CAD/CAM blocks used for precise and reliable fabrication of implant-supported restorations.Precision manufacturing processes guarantee the new edelweiss i-BLOCKs fit precisely onto Titanium Base (or similar attachments). It also has unique built in antibacterial properties providing exceptional biocompatibilty in the oral mucosa. Advantages: • Ultrafine sintered glass microstructure combines high strength with permanent high gloss • Shorter milling time • Kinder to the milling burs • No additional firing required, simply polish and cement • Simple cementation procedure with proven perfect seal • Cost saving, faster processing time reduces chairside time • Biomechanical and biocompatible • Esthetically superior, life-like appearance • Restoration can be easily fine tuned or repared by the dentist Indications: thin veneers/veneers, anterior and posterior crowns, occlusal veneers, implant crowns, inlays, onlays, partial crowns Flexural S trength Biaxial: 320 MPa Flexural S trength Three Point: 200 MPa Compressive Strength: 550 MPa